buckle 「ひざがガクッと崩れる」 (続・ヒラリー・クリントンに健康不安説) [アメリカ政治]

911式典を体調不良で中座したヒラリー・クリントンについて先日書いたが、こうした記事で目についたもうひとつの単語が buckle である。「バックル」と日本語にもなっているが、「留め金(で締める)」のほか、「熱や力で曲がる」、さらに「ひざや脚の力が抜けて折れ曲がる」ことも表す。


- Hillary Clinton was suffering from "walking pneumonia" when she buckled and lost her balance as she left the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday, it has been revealed.
("Walking pneumonia: How serious is Hillary Clinton's condition?" BBC, Sept.12, 2016)


こうした動画について書いた部分を他の記事で読むと、さらに buckle の実例が見つかる。

- A bystander captured Clinton’s difficult departure from ground zero -- her legs buckling once as she waited for her van to arrive, and then again as she was lifted into it.
("Clinton cancels campaign plans after health stumble at 9/11 memorial" CBS News, September 12, 2016)

- Now, video footage of her struggling into her car have emerged online.
Mrs Clinton can be seen leaning against a bollard to keep her upright, but as a car pulls up for her to get in, she struggles to make it two feet to the car.
She is seen stumbling and her knees buckle before members of her security team helped her into the waiting vehicle.
("Dramatic footage shows Hillary Clinton’s knees buckle when 'fainting' at 9/11 event" Express, Sep 12, 2016)


- to bend something or become bent, often as a result of force, heat, or weakness:
The intense heat from the fire had caused the factory roof to buckle.
Both wheels on the bicycle had been badly buckled.
I felt faint and my knees began to buckle.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

- if your knees or legs buckle, they become weak and bend
John felt his knees start to buckle.
SYN give way

ついでだが、私は最初に動詞の buckle を意識したのは今回の「膝がガクリ」ではなく、ベクトルが逆とも感じられる「(仕事などに)本腰を入れて取りかかる、精を出す」という意味の buckle down to だったので、この表現を付記しておきたい。

また buckle oneself to は「気を引き締めて~にあたる」という意味で、比喩的に自分をベルトできりりと締めあげるというイメージか。なお buckle up は「(シート)ベルトを締める」。

ちなみにヒラリー関連のいくつかの記事で、先日取り上げた wobble も目についたことを参考までに記しておきたい(→ wobble 「ふらつく」「よろめく」 (太陽系に最も近い地球型惑星を発見))。

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