トランプ登場で増えた expletive 「伏せ字」 [英語のトリビア]

トランプ氏がアメリカ大統領選挙に立候補して以来、目にすることが増えたように感じるのが expletive である。「虚辞」「補充語句」という用語が辞書に載っているが、この他に「罵り言葉」も指す。そして、そのまま引用するのが憚られる言葉が使われた際、この単語に置き替えて表現することがある。


- Mr. Trump, who has said, “I know more about ISIS than the generals,” has not offered any plan beyond “I would bomb the [expletive] out of ’em.”
("A World of Trouble for Donald Trump" New York Times Dec. 1, 2016)

four-letter word を表す場合、一部のアルファベット文字だけを書き、それ以外は記号に置き換えるのはよく見かけるが、単語自体を削って代わりにカッコをつけた expletive としてしまうやり方もあるわけだ(なお上記発言の「伏せ字」部分は、ネットで調べたら s--- だった)。


- A Fallbrook community banded together to help a resident whose car was vandalized with the words "F*** Trump" two days after the historical election of Donald J. Trump.
When he walked outside on Nov. 10, just two days after the election, he discovered his car had been vandalized. The words "[Expletive] Trump" had been spray painted on the right side of his silver four door sedan.
("After Election, Resident Discovers '[Expletive] Trump', '666' Spray Painted on Car" NBC San Diego, Nov.21, 2016)

- A Republican Senator has defended Donald Trump by saying that 'grabbing a woman by the p***y' does not amount to sexual assault. (中略)
He (Trump) bragged 'I'll admit it. I did try and f*** her ... I moved on her like a b****, I couldn't get there though, and she was married.' (中略)
'Sheesh, your girl's hot as (expletive). In the purple,' Bush said, referring to the color of Zucker's dress. 'Whoa, the Donald has scored! Whoa, my man!'
( )

なお、ひとつ目のタイトルにある「666」は新訳聖書の「黙示録」 The Revelation に出てくるもので(参考→ 「黙示録」の the Four Horsemen)、不吉な数字とされ、私の世代では大ヒットしたホラー映画「オーメン」に出てきたので知ったという人が多いはずだ。

トランプ氏以外の例もあげよう。ひとつ目は、「フィリピンのトランプ」ことドゥテルテ大統領についての記事から。二つ目の例からは、expletive deleted とも言えることがわかる。

- “Son of a whore. I will curse you in the forum.”
Mr. Duterte used the expletive, sometimes translated as “son of a bitch,” in a warning to President Obama about bringing up extrajudicial killings at an international forum held in Laos in September.
( )

- There were no alternatives like “f—” or “f**k” or “[expletive deleted],” which sounds like so much gravel going down a chute. If the magazine had employed such devices, which it didn’t, I would have shunned them. “F-word” was not an expression in use then and the country would be better off if it had not become one.
( )


- An oath or swear word.
She let out a long string of oaths and expletives, carefully picking herself up from the floor.
Stunned, the CEO let loose a stream of expletives and walked out.
(Oxford Dictionaries)

- formal a word that is considered offensive:
She dropped the book on her foot and let out a row/string of expletives.
expletive deleted
used when an offensive word has been removed from a report of what someone has said
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)


なお「罵り言葉」は、上記の辞書の定義にあるように swear word とも言うが、この単語については注意点を含めて以前取り上げたことがある(→ オバマ宣誓のミスと swear の2つの意味)。オバマ大統領が就任した時なので、もう6年近く前のことになる。時の経つのは早いものだ。

ついでに、音声の場合に使われる「ピー」音についても取り上げたことがあるので、ご参考まで(→ 放送禁止用語にかぶせる bleep)。

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