walk back「(考えや約束を)撤回する、取り消す」 [辞書に載っていない表現]


騒ぎの詳細については先月のエントリを参照いただくとして(→こちら)、この時にメディアの記事で目についたのが to walk back だった。walk-back として名詞でも出てきた。

- This was the week when “would” turned into “wouldn’t” and “no” meant “yes,” as President Donald Trump and his top aides tried to walk back several of his comments on Russia and the Federal Reserve.

At one point, the rhetorical zigzags left one senator lamenting a “walk-back of the walk-back” that was, she said, “dizzying.”
("The White House's week of walk-backs" CNBC July 20, 2018)

- As is typical with this president, he still could not help himself from ad-libbing and going off-message by walking back key parts of his West Wing’s stage-managed walk-back.

Trump spoke from the White House Cabinet room, reading from prepared remarks that included a handwritten—and misspelled—note in the margins: “THERE WAS NO COLUSION.”
("Trump Tanks His Own Putin Walk-Back During One of the ‘Worst Moments of His Presidency’" Daily Beast July 17, 2018)


- to change an opinion that you had expressed before or admit that a statement you made was wrong:
He has since walked back his opposition to the bill.
With massive video evidence, he walked back his claim that he was spat on.
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus)

- to retreat from or distance oneself from (a previously stated opinion or position)
has tried to walk back his suggestion about Japan, in particular, claiming in recent days that he "never said" that the Asian nation should acquire nuclear weapons.
First Known Use of walk back 2000

- To withdraw or back-pedal on a statement or promise; retract.
Did Obama walk back his support of Cordoba House? As you know, the Internets are alive with the claim that Obama has now walked back his support of Cordoba House, and I've gotten tons of emails telling me that my earlier praise of the speech is no longer operative. But did he really walk back what he said last night?


また Wiktionary の定義には withdraw や retract のほか、back-pedal (on) という単語が使われている。「ペダルを逆に漕ぐ」ということだろうか、面白い言い方である。こちらもついでに辞書から引用しよう。ハイフンなしの backpedal でもいいようだ。

- to change your opinion or not do something that you had promised to do; backtrack:
They are backpedalling on the commitment to cut taxes.

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take A back: (誤りを認めて)A<発言> を撤回する, Aを取り消す
walk back はこの take back と同じ意味ですね。
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