pocket 「孤立した地域・集団」 [注意したい単語・意外な意味]

先日 outlier「飛び地」「部外者」という単語について書いたが、超基礎レベルの単語 pocket にもちょっと似たような意味があることを思い出したので、取り上げてみたい。


次は自分の英語学習ノートにメモしていたAP通信の記事からの実例で、The Mainichi のサイトに載っていたものである。

- Indeed, Trump has often appeared to be out of step with most Americans in recent months. He all but declared over the coronavirus pandemic as infections were starting to surge in new pockets across the country, including in states like Florida, Texas and Arizona where he's enjoyed strong support.
("Analysis: Trump wants a 2016 repeat in a very different year" AP, carried by The Mainich, July 17, 2020)

アメリカで去年、新型コロナウイルスの感染が下降傾向を見せたことを受けて一部の州で経済活動を再開したところ、再び感染者数が次々と上昇し始めたことを述べている。そうした感染急増地域を pocket を使って表現している。


- a small, isolated group or area
The city is small and comforting, and its people live in genteel pockets of suburbia and have 1950s good manners.
If a large pocket of elderly people forms, then ambulance services should be expanded to that area.
(Oxford Dictionaries)

- any isolated group, area, element, etc., contrasted, as in status or condition, with a surrounding element or group: pockets of resistance; a pocket of poverty in the central city.
(Random House Unabridged Dictionary)

- a group, area, or mass of something that is separate and different from what surrounds it:
Among the staff there are some pockets of resistance to the planned changes (= some small groups of them are opposed).
The pilot said that we were going to encounter a pocket of turbulence (= an area of violently moving air).
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

この単語は「小さい袋」そして「(衣服の)ポケット」、さらには「(金銭を入れるところ、ということから)所持金、資金」を示すようになっていったが、Online Etymology Dictionary によると、今回取り上げた意味については、

- the military sense of "area held by troops almost surrounded by the enemy" is from 1918; the general sense of "small area different than its surroundings" (1926) apparently was extended from the military use


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