piping hot 「(飲食物が)あつあつの、湯気を立てた」 [単語・表現]

pipe に関連する表現ばかりを芋づる式に続けてきたが、さすがにひとまずここらで締めることにしよう。芋といえば焼き芋、piping hot は主に食べ物や液体について「とても熱い」ということで使うが、パイプと何か関係があるのだろうか。

まずは piping を英語圏の辞書で見てみよう。

- (not comparable) High-pitched.
His piping voice could be heard above the hubbub.

- 1 playing on a pipe
2 characterized by the music of the “peaceful” pipe rather than of the “warlike” drums, trumpets, etc.; hence, peaceful or tranquil
3 sounding high and shrill
(Webster's New World College Dictionary)

- 1. Music Playing on a pipe.
2. Having a high-pitched sound: the piping voices of children.
3. Tranquil; peaceful: "in this weak piping time of peace" (Shakespeare).
(American Heritage Dictionary)

- Simmering; boiling; sizzling; hissing; -- from the sound of boiling fluids.
(1913 Webster)


そこで piping hot となるわけだが、以下、英語圏の辞典の説明や例文を引用しよう。

- of food or drink : very hot
The coffee was served piping hot.
the appeal of piping hot cocoa after an afternoon of shoveling snow
(Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary)

- (not comparable) (idiomatic) Very hot.
Don't touch the pie! It's piping hot, straight out of the oven.
Middle English First attested circa second half of 14th century, from the similarity between the sizzling sound of food cooking in a frying pan and that of musical pipes, from Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.


ところで冒頭の「焼きいも」からの連想で、piping hot potato と言えるかとウェブで検索したらOKのようだ。次は Cookpad のサイトで見つけた実例である。

- When mashing freshly boiled, piping hot potatoes, cover the plastic bag with a towel, and then mash them.

また食べ物のほかに使う例として、a piping hot shower とか piping-hot towels という用例も辞書に載っていた。

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